Sales Policy

As a Christ centered company, your satisfaction is important to us!

Please read carefully the following points of our policy:

i. We are a small hatchery outfit focused on quality rather than quantity. Such things like stable production, weather, fertility, and incubation hatch rates really make a difference. This means that we might be earlier on your order by a week or so or sometimes several weeks later depending on these events. All we ask is that you give us a little slack in the event of unforeseen circumstances.

ii. If you would like to cancel an order please make sure you do not exceed the 4 hour hold period extended on every purchase. Orders over 4 hours old will be considered final and non-refundable. Note: Customers who rush through the ordering process without first checking on our availability page will not be eligible for a refund if they cancel their order after the 4 hour hold has expired. So please check availability prior to purchase!

iii. Refunds are issued only if the order was canceled in a timely fashion (before the hold period expires) and if the bird/birds purchased were found to be in a compromised (health related) condition and sufficient evidence is available to prove it.

iv. To reserve/preorder any of our birds (juveniles or chicks), they must be paid for in the full amount.

v. LFF maintains a 5 chick shipping minimum. While our 5 chick shipping minimum is lower than other hatcheries, we don’t recommend shipping less than 10 chicks per box, as they are better able to maintain warmth in larger number groups. If you decide on only the 5 chick minimum, be advised it is at your own risk. As an aside, this 5 chick minimum has worked fine in the past and we have had successful delivery of our chicks even at such low numbers. Depending on the duration of shipping, we may decide to include Growgel and a heat pack or two for double protection.

vi. Local customers are welcome to return roosters for a partial refund ($2 credit) several weeks after purchase.

vii. “Straight-run” or “random gender” are terms used to describe the non-sexed, random picking of day-old poultry. This means you may end up with the following results 50/50 (half hens over half roosters), or all hens or all roosters or any other combination. Random simply means random. There are no gender guarantees and no refunds associated with chicks that are bought as random gender.

viii. “Day old” chicks are any that are between 1-7 days old. If you have a preference and would like them strictly 1 day old, we will be glad to honor the request, if noted.

ix. While a great majority of our birds are bred from show quality/exhibition stock and are derived from highly distinguished bloodlines, not all of their offspring are guaranteed to achieve the same perfect characteristics of their parents and may not turn out to be identical in feathering, pattern, or body type. In fact, since other breeds are drawn upon to achieve the show quality bird, undesirable traits may at times seep through the gene pool to the offspring, even while culled extensively. Breeders are aware of this and anticipate it from time to time. While rare, it is a possible prospect nonetheless. That is simply called genetics. Examples of this are as follows: 100% English Orpingtons may end up with slight feathering issues on their shanks/legs, as they possess Cochin blood. Wyandottes such as the BLRW, may end up with a single comb instead of a pea comb since they possess Blue Orpington blood. Show quality silkies, bred with Cochin and Polish, may end up missing the customary fifth toe and pea comb determinant to the breed. Show quality Black Copper Marans & Welsummers may or may not possess an extremely dark chocolate egg gene. These are just some examples. Therefore we are not responsible if the bird you end up with does not qualify for exhibition purposes!

x. Our definition of juvenile is a bird that is 6-10 weeks old.

xi. Please understand that our juveniles are floor raised with hundreds of others in relatively close proximity. We do not debeak or heat trim the beaks of our chicks or juveniles in any way. As a result, juveniles are prone to pluck each other’s feathers at times and may appear somewhat scruffy. The scruffy, somewhat feather pecked appearance is nothing to worry about and disappears almost immediately when the birds are given sufficient space and time in a less competitive environment.

xii. While our juveniles are sexed and guaranteed, please understand that our bantams and all of our pea-comb varieties are about 85% accurate when sexed at 6 weeks of age. In the event you end up with a rooster after having purchased a juvenile pullet, you will be eligible to receive either a full refund or a replacement pullet at no cost to you.

xiii. Please be sure to collect your order according to the date of arrangement, if delayed, we will charge a prorated feed fee.

xiv. If a situation occurs in which you feel we are fully responsible, please contact us directly so that we can work toward resolving any issues or complaints. We are committed to satisfying and resolving your issues.

xv. For purposes of bio-security and to prevent contamination, we do not allow pickup customers to walk into any of our bird holding facilities or to handle or pick out their own chicks.

xvi. No Sunday service.

xvii. We are 100% committed to satisfying your concerns and demands!!!

Privacy Policy

When you register on our site, place an order, communicate with us via e-mail, or participate in any other site feature, we protect any personal or sensitive data and ensure that it remains confidential and secure.

How do we protect visitor information?

Special security measures are implemented to contain your personal information behind secured networks accessible only by a limited number of individuals who have special access rights to our system. In addition, the financial information you supply is transmitted via Secure Socket Layer (SSL) technology and then encrypted into our databases to be only accessed as stated above.

Shipping and Returns

Shipping fees are non-refundable unless we decide otherwise due to special circumstances. We do not accept any returns of our poultry products and birds.


Live Arrival Guarantee (Chicks & Juveniles)
We guarantee that you will receive the same number of birds ordered and paid for alive in your shipment. We often include extra birds (according to the same breed or gender ordered) in our shipments to ensure the arrival of at least the number of birds ordered. Upon receipt of your order, please count the number of birds that you have received alive. If your count is smaller than the number of birds ordered and paid for at we will offer appropriate compensation. We also guarantee any of our day-old poultry to remain alive through 24 hours after receipt.

Health Guarantee (Juveniles)
We guarantee our juvenile bird’s health and vitality through the first 72 hrs after arrival and within our customer’s care; exceptions apply and are reviewed according to our discretion. This guarantee is also contingent upon whether the customer has first assumed responsibility for proper maintenance and care of the bird/birds. Since juvenile and day-old poultry are especially sensitive to soil parasites and coccidiosis (environmentally transmitted microscopic organisms), the customer must provide a coccidiostat in the form of medicated feed or water upon the bird’s arrival, and when putting the birds to pasture for the first time, provide a poultry wormer to safeguard against soil parasites. If such measures are not followed, the health guarantee is void.

Gender Guarantee
We guarantee the gender of your bird according to the purchase selection or you will receive a full refund or replacement.


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