German Spitzhauben Chickens

New Hampshire Red

New Hampshire Red Chickens

 New Hampshire Reds are a larger, more docile version of the Rhode Island Red. They are better egg layers, laying extra large eggs consistently for up to four years, as opposed to two years of egg production on the RIR. They are a few shades lighter than the RIRs and tend to go broody.


Price Per Chick- $5 

Price Per Juvenile Pullet- $17

Price Per Juvenile Cock- $17

*Random gender chicks only for this breed type

*Our listed juveniles are between 6-10 weeks old

*Shipping minimum of 5 chicks per order applies. Feel free to mix and match with other breed types to meet the shipping minimum requirement. Click HERE to calculate shipping charges for this order.

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New Hampshire Red
Add one vaccine per bird. For example, 10 birds = 10x vaccine