Black Copper Marans

Black Copper Marans

 Black Copper Maran Chicken

The Black Copper Marans chicken is an exceptionally beautiful and highly sought after breed. It was recently declared the most popular chicken in America. It is said the first Marans were brought over from France shortly after World War II and have since existed in relatively small numbers in the U.S. up until recently when their popularity soared.

The BCMs are a medium to large breed and have mostly dark plumage with copper toned hackle feathers and well feathered shanks. They lay medium to large, very dark, chocolate colored eggs that are prized by European chefs for their exceptional flavor. A plump bird with good dress weight, thier white meat is of superb quality.

Lancaster Fancy Fowl is pleased to offer two distinct lines of Black Copper Marans: the standard American line known as Wade Jeane and the recently imported French Line known as  Little Peddler. As of 2011, the LP line is the most prized of the breed, known for producing extra dark eggs and for maintining the correct French body type and genuine copper coloring.


Price Per WJ Chick- $10 

Price Per WJ Juvenile Pullet- $33

Price Per Juvenile WJ Cock- $20

Price Per LP Chick- $50

Price Per LP Juvenile Pullet- $145

Price Per Juvenile LP Cock- $135

*Random gender chicks only for this breed type

*Our listed juveniles are between 6-10 weeks old

*Shipping minimum of 5 chicks per order applies. Feel free to mix and match with other breed types to meet the shipping minimum requirement. Click HERE to calculate shipping charges for this order.

*Roosters may be returned for a $2 credit.

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Black Copper Marans
Add one vaccine per bird. For example, 10 birds = 10x vaccine