Black Copper Marans

Black Copper Marans


The French Black Copper Marans chicken is an exceptionally rare and highly sought after breed in the U.S. They are a medium to large breed, have dark plumage with a copper toned neck, and feathers on their shanks. They lay medium/large, very dark chocolate colored eggs that are prized by European chefs for their superior quality. Our BCM's are a genuine French import from the Wade Jeane line and are bred to mimic the most treasured line of BCMs in the U.S currently, the Little Peddler line, most recently brought over from France and gifted to Brenda Little.

Note: This does not mean that every one of our BCMs will come out looking like an LP Maran, only that we cull our birds to resemble the LP ideal.



Price Per Chick- $13.50 

Price Per Juvenile Pullet- $33

Price Per Juvenile Cock*- $20

*Random gender chicks only for this breed type

*Our listed juveniles are between 6-10 weeks old

*Shipping minimum of 5 chicks per order applies. Feel free to mix and match with other breed types to meet the shipping minimum requirement. Click HERE to calculate shipping charges for this order.

*Roosters may be returned for a $2 credit.

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Black Copper Marans
Add one vaccine per bird. For example, 10 birds = 10x vaccine